Cutting Edge Real-Time Portfolio and Risk Management Technology Solutions for the Alternative Investment Management Industry

The AIMPaaS™ technology platform helps you monitor and evaluate the risk and the performance of your investment managers in real-time. You will receive emails or SMS, whenever your investment managers violate your predetermined risk profiles. You will also have access to new investment managers, along with the ability to keep track of their performance and risk levels, which helps to facilitate the due diligence process.

The system is designed by former fund managers and Wall Street veterans. You can get all of these benefits at an affordable price without the need to invest in developing your own technology infrastructure.

Risk Control System

The post-trade risk control system provides both the portfolio manager and his/her investors with real-time reports. The reports summarize significant portfolio risk factors, including gross, net, beta and delta-adjusted exposures; sector, regional and liquidity concentration; exposures to common macro-economic factors and Barra factors; risk and drawdown analysis; and Value at Risk. The report will also alert portfolio managers and their investors to exposures that come close to violating Investment Management Agreement. Critical alerts may be sent via SMS and IM.

AIMPaaS™ Advantages

  • Ultimate mobility through cloud-based platform, combined with scalability.
  • Secure access to your own portfolio and risk management server from anywhere in the world.
  • Access to risk control and monitoring system that alerts you to key trading violations by your portfolio/fund managers.
  • Monitor performance and risk profile of your portfolio/fund managers in real-time.
  • Ability to access and screen portfolio/fund managers.
  • Access to analytical and risk management tools for your investment portfolios.
  • Access to talented emerging asset managers through our Hedge Fund Incubator.
  • Assistance in due diligence process and background checks.