Kevin Ershov

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kevin Ershov has had nearly twenty years of experience in planning, developing, implementing and managing all aspects of asset management, financial advisor and broker/dealer businesses. Through his experience, he recognizes a need for an affordable, state-of-the-art portfolio and risk management technology platform that could enhance the credibility and transparency of the alternative asset management industry and could level the playing field between start-up funds and more established funds.

Mr. Ershov founded Battery Park Asset Management, LLC in 2011 and the company was the first tester for his newly created trading infrastructure. Prior to that, he was the Chief Investment Officer and General Partner of a former $2.5 billion quantitative hedge fund, Thales Fund Management, LLC, which was later acquired by SAC Capital Advisors, LLC in 2010. At Thales, he pioneered and implemented the automated trade execution system in 1995, many years before algorithmic trading became popular. This trade execution platform was later spun off as a stand-alone Broker/Dealer company, Miletus Trading, LLC, and was ultimately sold to Liquidnet in 2007.

He received Master of Science in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from St. Petersburg University, Russia in 1989. During his career, while associated with the Broker/Dealer, Mr. Ershov maintained Series 7, 3, and 24 licenses.