What We Do

Alpha Capture

Specializing in the alpha capture space, we are leading providers of off-the-shelf and customized alpha capture systems. We also provide affordable cloud-based trading, portfolio and risk management and back-office platforms for fund managers and investors. Our state-of-the-art technology solutions are tailored to our clients' needs and can help them effectively manage their investments. Our technology platform integrates many-to-many relationships among fund managers and investors.

Buy Side

AIMPaaS provides several types of access to trade ideas. We can provide a simple API connection, or a bespoke, custom designed product with proprietary algorithms, as well as anything in between. Our system is low latency, and we do NOT create third party data products as derived from proprietary data in the system. AIMPaaS respects clients’ IP.

Sell Side

We can provide connectivity to numerous buy side idea consumers, accessible on our system, and provide multiple facilities by which the asset manager may be accessed. For example, ideas may be submitted directly on the asset manager’s system, or they may be submitted on “AIMCapture Marketplace”™, which is a portal that enables the contributor to send one idea to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Real Time Trading Modules

We offer a low latency trading platform for real time trading, which incorporates order entry, performance and risk modules, as well as a compliance module with “behavioral variance” monitoring, as it profiles the participants and recognizes when they engage in transactional activity that varies from their profile in a statistically significant manner.


We can white label any of our products, and we can customize as required. Our time to deliver is very prompt and the support we provide is comprehensive. Our model consists of an installation fee and monthly maintenance fees. As a result of our experience and economies of scale, our products are cost effective alternatives to the competition. Additionally we believe we are the only software company that has created multiple custom alpha capture platforms for several multi billion dollar institutions.